FairKind Art Club

FairKind Art Club

Mindful Art& Creative Play Sessions with FairKind Child!

At last, FairKind Art club returns from a long summer break and will run on the following dates until the October half term holiday:

Monday 17th September – 11:00-12:30
Monday 24th September – 11:00-12:30
Monday 1st October – 11:00-12:30
Monday 8th October – 11:00-12:30
Monday 15th October – 11:00-12:30

What happens at FairKind Art Club?

The arts & crafts we do each week follows a set theme throughout the term (each term lasting 4-7 weeks), This term we are following the theme of Colour, and rainbows & colour mixing will be at the forefront of our exploration this term.

The aim of each class is to create something both beautiful and educational, that can be used at home by the child.  Both the making of and the continued use of each project is designed to aid the childs learning & development. Parents will work with their child to complete their creative projects together, as the sessions are as much about the parent & child bonding as it is about learning a new art or craft skill.

We aim to keep our classes relaxed and free flowing, so your child is free to move between the art activity and playing with our selection of free play toys. However, we hope that they will find each session engaging and become fully emersed in the art project. Creating art is a fulfilling and mindful experience when fully engaged, so our classes aim to demonstrate to children and their parents the positive effect creativity can have on our wellbeing.

Each session the art activity will last between 45-60 minutes, followed by a healthy snack & drink and a chance to discuss our ideas and give feedback on each others work. This will be a positive, supportive environment to encourage self expression and help to build confidence in talking about creativity.

We are committed to using only high quality, non toxic & environmentally safe art materials, to honour our sustainable & waste conscious values as a Fair & Kind business. Many of our art materials come from local craft company, Tiny Land, who produce plant based paints & crafts which are fully baby & allergy safe and tested to toy safety standards. We’ve also sourced 100% wool felt and 100% cotton fabrics to use in our some of our creative projects.

Who can join the FairKind Art Club?

Our Art Club classes are  geared toward 2-5 year olds, but we will accept older home-educated children, as the projects we do each term can be tailored to suit older children.

Our session’s are best suited to children & parents who have an interest in art and wish to indulge in a concentrated and guided art project. There will be lots of room for self expression, within a gently lead ongoing project which lasts for 4-7 weeks.

Each week we will create a complete art work in it’s own right, but which also forms a part of the bigger project for the term. The child therefore benefits most if they are able to attend every session for the term, so we do prefer that families sign up on a termly basis, however pay-as-you-go visitors will also be welcomed if there is space available.

FairKind Art Club Dates & Times:

Our Art Club runs on Mondays during school term time only (excluding bank holidays)
We currently offer one morning art club session for 2-5 year olds and will look to restart our afternoon group in the autumn.


MORNING Todder & Preschool Art Club (2-5 years)

Mondays 11:00 – 12:30

Prices & Booking

Our initial taster sessions are offered at £9.70 per child.

Subsequent sessions are priced £9.70 each if booked for a full half-term upfront, or on a pay as you go basis for £10.80 per session (pre-booking required each week to ensure we have space available)

Our price includes the cost of all the high quality art materials we will use, as well as the healthy snacks we share at the end of each session.


Please use the contact form below to send us your Booking Enquiry: