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Fair Kind Child

Princess Lillifee for the Tonie Box

Princess Lillifee for the Tonie Box

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A lovely audio play about the sweet flower fairy Princess Lillifee, which is complemented by beautiful songs and narrated by no other than the famous Kim Wilde.

Princess Lillifee is a small, sweet flower fairy. She lives in a magical flower palace on a small hill in the middle of a large, beautiful garden. Her friends are the animals and the plants, that live in her garden. Lillifee is good-hearted and loves to help everyone, even if she doesn’t know what to do. Follow her to a magical world of flowers and accompany her to the first fairy ball.

List of titles

  1. Lillifee’s World
  2. Princess Lillifee
  3. Airmail
  4. A Golden Letter
  5. The Fairy Ball
  6. Ever So Busy
  7. Hello Morning
  8. Helping Someone Is Fun
  9. This Dress or That Dress?
  10. I’m All Dressed Up
  11. How Do I Look?
  12. Pugsy’s Idea
  13. Friends are Friends
  14. Making a New Dress
  15. All Done
  16. The Most Beautiful Princess of All
  17. Off to the Fairy Ball
  18. Lillifee Dance
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