Free FairKind Rewards for Local Childcare Providers & Children's Services!

Nominate your Nursery or Preschool to receive FREE TOYS & CRAFT MATERIALS when you shop at FairKind Child

You and your child love to play with our super educational, imaginative, tactile toys & crafts at home. Now you can help us get more of these fantastic learning materials into your childcare setting or local children's services!

FairKind Child is about to launch this new initiative to help budget stetched childcare providers and non-profit children's services obtain some of our fantastic play and learning equipment for FREE!

Every time you make a purchase from our Horsham shop, you can now nominate a local nursery/preschool/childminder or any other Ofsted registered childcarer or non-profit children's service based in or around Horsham to receive reward points based on your spend.

Each childcare provider builds up reward points from any of our customers who nominate them. They can then choose exactly what to spend their reward points on, which can be absolutely any product from our shop! From natural, allergy safe, plant based paints & craft materials, to open ended cardboard construction tools or a giant dragon alphabet jigsaw, we have so many things we know local nurseries & preschools would LOVE to have in their play settings, so this is an opportunity to gift these wonderful products to them absolutely free!

If your child attends a local childcare service which has aready joined our reward scheme, let us know when you are purchasing from our shop. We will add your earned points to their account - no need to remember a loyalty card, we will do all the admin. Each £1 you spend in our Horsham shop earns 1 point for your nominated nursery/child carer (worth up to 10p per point) which they can then cash in as full or part payment toward any of our fantastic and educational products!

Nominate your Childcare Provider or Children's Service Now and Help them Receive FREE REWARDS

If you are a local childcare provider or non-profit children's service who is interested in joining our reward scheme, sign up here. All we ask of you is that you tell your parents about FairKind Child, this is how they will earn points for you!

This new reward scheme is initially being rolled out in our Horsham flagship store and is only available to Ofsted registered early years childcare providers, charities and non-profit children's services based in the Horsham area (including surrounding villages). Purchases from our online shop do not currently qualify for reward points. We will review the success of this scheme regularly to help us decide if we can roll out our scheme to a wider audience, but please bare with us as we first run this trial in Horsham!

Please read our FairKind Rewards terms & conditions for more information about our reward scheme.