Collection: Mood Bears

What are Mood Bears?

At first glance, Mood Bears might seem like your ordinary cuddly toys. But delve a little deeper, and you will discover that they are so much more.

Mood Bears can help individuals express their feelings, which is often the first step towards managing them

Mood Bears have been specifically designed to support mental health and wellbeing, a purpose that goes beyond the realm of mere toys.

They are a resource for children and adults alike, aiding in the expression of emotions when words fall short.

But that's not all, these bears are not just a fun way to support individuals as they navigate the complex world of emotions and feelings, they have also become an educational tool about emotions, feelings, and moods.

Meet The Bears

People of all ages go through strong emotions. Sometimes the emotions are fleeting, sometimes, they are long-lasting, but often they are difficult to cope with and articulate. Children, especially, have difficulty in identifying and expressing how they feel, and as adults, we often don't have someone we can trust or someone who wants to listen, even if we are ready to talk.

Mood Bears are always there and always ready to listen. They make no judgement, they can be trusted not to repeat what they hear, and if words are hard, they are good just to cuddle. 

Young and old have benefitted from ownership of these unique and specialised Mood Bears. All eight Mood Bears have a distinctive colour to match the mood associated with their name, based on colour psychology, and each has paw shapes indicating the mood they depict. Each is designed to illustrate and reflect one of eight important human emotions. 

Mood Bears have been distributed over 100 different stores in the UK and Ireland, and some have even made it to Australia and the USA. Mood Bear sare made from Recycled Materials and 100% Recyclable. The Bears are tested to European and British safety standards and are suitable from birth.

There are currently eight mood bears

  • Happy Bear
  • Sad Bear
  • Angry Bear
  • Calm Bear
  • Nervous Bear
  • Hope Bear
  • Love Bear
  • Silly Bear

More Bears are planned, as well as accessories and books about the bears.

Mental health

Now more than ever before, mental health is hitting the headlines. Modern life is stressful and complicated, and we all struggle through it in the best way we know how.  

The reports that many of us know and care for people who experience mental illness. According to, 1 in 4 people will experience and mental health problem of some kind each year in the UK., and tells us that 10% (age 5-16) of children suffer from mental health conditions. 

While these figures are shocking and seem to be on the increase, funds and facilities cannot keep up, and many people have to suffer in silence.

Mood Bears were designed by a mental health sufferer for like-minded people going through their own problems. Reports from medical professionals indicate that owning a Mood Bear can really help sufferers to cope. Mood Bears cannot offer a long-term solution to anyone´s deep-seated issues, but just having a Mood Bear to offer a friendly face, a squishy cuddle, and to listen to your problems can lift someone’s mood and brighten someone’s day.