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Fair Kind Child

Mouse Mansion - Doors and Windows Kit

Mouse Mansion - Doors and Windows Kit

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Welcome to the world of Sam and Julia. Are you ready to go on an adventure? The Mouse Mansion is a world full of mouse-sized corridors, rooms and workshops. Discover Sam and Julia's secret hiding place beneath the stairs in the stairwell, have a tiny boatrace in the harbour and join the Circus Robberti. Sam and Julia do all of this and more in the children's books of The Mouse Mansion. Read the stories, play with the mouse dolls and craft your very own Mouse Mansion. Have fun!

Building your own Mouse Mansion? You'll need lots of doors and windows! These laser cut pieces are the perfect fit. Colour them in your favourite colours and make your mansion your own. 

This kit includes 5 doors and over 30 windows, 5 shutters, house numbers, door bells, post boxes and name plates!

Suitable for ages 6 and up. 

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